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Sacred Heart College

2017 / Sorrento

Sacred Heart is one of Perth’s premier Catholic colleges, located in one of Perth’s prestigious suburbs, Sorrento.


Sacred Heart College

2017 Sorrento

We discussed with Kim Street, the school’s Property Manager, to clearly understand what it was they wanted to achieve, not only in the aesthetic finish, but their ongoing upkeep requirements, and a solution that would enable them to extend or modify for the school footprint in the future.

The existing common area for the school consisted of a combination of an aged brick paving thoroughfare, and a worn patchy grass area, that was difficult to maintain with the wear and tear from student movement.  Seating for the students was also very limited and intrusive.

Given the location and nature of the work, Bravo worked with school to undertake the improvements so it wouldn’t impact the school’s staff and student’s normal activities, and ensure their safety being in such close proximity to student thoroughfares.  Bravo undertook the work during the Christmas school holidays, and with four dedicated and experienced landscapers, the project was completed ahead of schedule, in just nine days.


Bravo’s solution provided the school with a clean modern looking and functional area, which consisted of a lush green and realistic look artificial turf, ideal for handling wear and tear of the students.  A tapered limestone dividing wall, in a wave pattern providing ample seating to replace the tired picnic benches as well as providing feature; a liquid limestone thoroughfare to replace the old brick paving.  The solution provided the school with a low maintenance product, that accentuated the existing shade sails and complemented the surrounding building colour palette and provided comfortable and functional seating and activity area for the students.

This project incorporated some things which are explained in this box, which is a short description of what this project incoporated. Projects like this allowed Bravo to make things better, that were initially not as good as they are now. You can see by the attention to detail, that if you were thinking about a similar project, then Bravo will be able to finish the project properly, with outstanding attention to detail, within time constraints and on budget. See more photos below, and maybe read more about the project that’s been added below the light-box photos.

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